The GW-DSRG is led by ProfessorsGrace Y. YiandWenqing He. This COVID-19 project is primarily carried out by the GW-DS-COVID-19 research group which includes Dr. Li-Pang Chen, Dr. Kaida Cai, Qihuang Zhang, Dan Liu, Yuan Du, Yasin Khadem Charvadeh, Jingyu Cui, Gansen Deng, and Joy He.

As statisticians in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we feel the need to participate in the fight against this virus by utilizing statistical techniques to uncover the hidden structure of the COVID-19 data as well as predict the possible trends in the near future.

We have seven main sections on the site. DATA VISUALIZATION, STATISTICAL ANALYSIS, and RESEARCH MANUSCRIPTS are the focal points from our group. DATA VISUALIZATION provides visualized displays of the cases, deaths, and recoveries at the province-level while tracking their real-time trends. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS introduces our analysis results that aim to reveal the characteristics of COVID-19. These two sections focus on investigating the COVID-19 data in Ontario as well as other provinces in Canada that have severe situations. RESEARCH MANUSCRIPTS will highlight the research methods and results on the COVID-19 data from our group. We hope to provide research-based statistical insights for policy-makers and healthcare sectors.

PUBLIC DATA SOURCES includes the links to publicly available COVID-19 data such as the Government of Canada, John Hopkins University, and WHO. STOP VIRUS presents guidelines and measures to follow suggested by the government in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. News articles selected by our group are included in SELECTED NEWS. We welcome feedback and comments and can be contacted in READER'S CORNER.

Grace Y. Yi

Wenqing He

Dan Liu

Yuan Du

Jingyu Cui

Yasin Khadem Charvadeh

Gansen Deng

Li-Pang Chen

Qihuang Zhang

Kaida Cai

Joy He